COVID-19 Company Notice

The Company is currently closed due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.   Please "Be Safe" and we will see you soon.    


RAQT can help you solve and solution 

Many things happen to our business when obstacles occur too fast in the terrain, transitional grow points.  These GAP's need to be identified and closed so business can continue to forecast effectively and create customer success stories.  

Advanced Technology

We provide solutions for our customers, small or big.  We have the experience you need for success with any project.  If you want to speak to us about your requirements and get an idea of costs, let us explain in more detail what we can help you with and the parameters you need.

Technology Services

Business Strategy, Service Development, DevOps, Operational Readiness ?

We can help you upgrade your existing systems or build something brand new. Need your change/incident/environment management fine tuned. Need help with statistical analysis around KPI's or Business Value Metrics, need help identifying next level technology requirements and their downstream affects in the environment. Our business is ... know your business, then help with process improvement or align your infrastructure with resources within your organization.

Data Services

Have dashboards built for detailed insight(s) to every aspect of your business.  We specialize in Business Value Metrics when it comes to KPI's and pulling the relative information that takes your business to the next level.

Web Services

Need changes to your existing website, or need something completely new.  Need direction on how to explore other channels and tie them all in.  Need help with your operations. Talk to us about your requirements.

Service Management

We have experience with Change Management, Incident Management and of course,  Environment Management. Talk to us about what you need.


What is the risk when human error is involved ? Do you know where your pain points are and how they add risk to your overall business strategy

People make mistakes, simple

Based on change management guidelines, how is your process working operationally ? Any problems or incidents because of unseen gaps or collateral damage. Human error based on process, or just typo's  ?  We have written guidelines and have experience in this area. We can review your process(s) and possibly find gaps that may help your project/program succeed. 

Call us for more information

We cannot possibly cover every angle or skillset needed to fulfill your requirements on this website.  Please call and we will help you identify our scope on any project, big or small.